My name is Marissa Tamaki and I am a 4th year Computer Science student at the University of British Columbia.
I work primarily within the web development realm and right now I am learning all about React while also improving upon my Javascript skills.

When I'm not typing away at my computer I enjoy hiking, travelling, taking photos and trying out new resturants in Vancouver .
Below you can read about the different personal projects I have worked on, my education as well as my work experience. You will also find various social media links / ways to contact me at the bottom of this page!



September 2013 - May 2018 (Expected)
University of British Columbia - Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science

Some Interesting Courses I've taken:

CPSC 310 - Introduction to Software Engineering
CPSC 340 - Machine Learning and Data Mining
CPSC 317 - Internet Computing
CPSC 404 - Advanced Relational Databases (loved this one!)
CPSC 415 - Advanced Operating Systems (upcoming semester)
CPSC 418 - Parallel Computation (upcoming semester)


January 2016 - August 2016 (Co-op), December 2017 - Current
A member of the Performance and Reliablity Team, working on SAP Analytics Cloud


Tamaki Roulette


Chat App


Chrome Overflow


Created during nwHacks 2016, Tamaki Roulette is a basic roulette that will randomnly pick one of the options given to it by the user. It will also allow the user to save their roulette options and load them again for future use. As this was my very first hackathon and first real coding experience, I mainly contributed in the planning and project management aspects.

A very simple chat application where the user can create an account (login/logout, reset password) and enter the chat room to talk with other users. This is a mini-project I started while I was at my internship in 2016 because I was interested in learning more about backend web development. I knew very little about the subject so I decided to work on something simple that will help me to grasp the basics of backend Javascript.

Created during nwHacks 2017, ChromeOverflow provides a unified view of the top five Stack Overflow results for different exceptions that you may encounter while using the Google Chrome browser. You can view the resuts directly in your developer console or open links to view more answers, making it much easier to debug and solve your errors.

Technologies Used: Javascript, MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node), Github (for version control, collaboration and project management)

Technologies Used: Javascript, Node, MongoDB, Heroku (deployment), CSS, HTML, Github (version control, project management)

Technologies Used: Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Git/Github (project management, version control, collaboration)


Course Website

Pomomaki (Work In Prgress)


This Website!


An application I made as part of my software engineering course at UBC. It can aggregate various metadata like courses, lecture times, sections, buildings and rooms into a schedule according to the filters and queries the users wish to use. We used Vue.js and Element.io to develop and implement the frontend UI. As it was team project and had several time-sensitive deliverables, we relied heavily on Github's Issues and Project features for project management.

This is (currently) a very simple Pomodoro app the follows the usual 25 working time, 5 minute break time pattern. The user has the option to adjust the working time and break time as well as the number of Pomodoro's that need to be completed for a longer break. As someone who is very interested in productivity methodologies and the tools surrounding them, I have yet to find a Pomodoro app that has everything I wanted. So I decided to develop one myself and that is this Pomomaki application. It is very much still in its infancy and there are very few features, but as I continue to work on it I hope it will transform into a useful productivity tool

Version 1 (2016): I originally made this website as my first attempt at frontend web development in 2016. It was developed primarily using CSS and HTML.

Version 2 (2017): The second iteration of this website was made during the summer of 2017. I started off with a template found at Html5UP to form the basis of my website, then I added some additional features which made the website more personalized and unique. .

Technologies Used: Typescript, Mocha Testing Framework, Vue (ElementUI), Git / Github (version control, collaboration, project management)

Technologies Used: Javascript, React Framework (Create React App, ElementUI, Redux), Git / Github (version control, project management)

Technologies Used: Javascript, HTML, CSS